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Big & Bigger

Wanda Houston & Jeff Gonzales

Jeff Gonzales and Wanda Houston at the Den

Wanda Houston on vocals and Jeff Gonzales on guitar, playing acoustic blues and more.

Wanda and Jeff have been performing as Big & Bigger throughout the northeast since 2010. Their work together is based in acoustic blues but reaches out to include ragtime and holy blues, gospel, originals and more. Jeff wrote 10 songs for Wanda in their first two years together, and 9 of them made it on "Big and Bigger Live", their first CD.

Their second CD, " Live in stockbridge", consists of old blues and jazz tunes.

They have begun recording more Live shows for their third CD, which again will be all originals.

You might want to check out Wanda's website. She is a huge talent and also performs in a wide variety of styles.

All OriginalsAll CoversNew CD on the way, all originals...
Big & Bigger CD cover Big & Bigger CD cover Big & Bigger CD cover out sometime this summer!


In this duo, Jeff plays alongside his ol' buddy Aaron Hahn from the Dry Town Drifters. They both sing, write and play guitar. Their repertoire consists of originals, old bluegrass and old country. Aaron plays rhythm guitar and harmonica and Jeff plays lead and fingerstyle guitar.

Two Bit Cowboys at the Den


Jeff Gonzales & Tony D.

Jeff and Tony DePietro at The Den Jeff and Tony DePietro at The Den

RNB - (SHORT FOR RED NECK BLUES) - is an ongoing jam with Jeff on his acoustic guitar and his old friend Tony D. on harmonica, playing old country and acoustic blues. "Neither one of us is a red neck per say - not saying we don't have red neck tendencies at times - we just thought it really described what we do."

RNB released their 1st CD, Live in Springfield, so swing by the Red Lion Inn and pick one up, or send an e-mail, and I'll send you one! (check my calendar page for when I'll be at the Den).

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